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Flourish BeauTea


Downtown Victoria's 1st Aesthetics Tea Cafe. Natural, Light and Healthy Alternative. Special Tea. Unique Coffee. Fruity Dessert.

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Here at Flourish BeauTea, we strive to create an inclusive and comfortable environment with a wide variety of products for everyone to enjoy. Whether your go to is one of our signature carbonated fruit teas, energizing coffees, unique lattes, or our beautiful desserts, they all come with our unique fruity flair that can be enjoyed dining in at our tea café or taking out to energize your day.

The mission of Flourish is to provide our clientele with high-quality products using the freshest ingredients and our creativity of incorporating the infusion of fresh fruits and florals to give you a memorable and refreshing experience. We are always coming up with new ideas, revolutionizing healthy, delicious recipes and creating premium products for you to enjoy.

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